Tips for settling in your new home after moving

I guess most excitement part of the moving would be the new home & adventure of decorating it if you are into it. Our new home will be our identity among new people. But this adventure can be headache if we do not make our move organized & systematic. So, there are few hand down tips which will complete your dream of new home adventure:

Present with movers during goods unloading: Do not leave everything on packers & mover people. Guide them properly about the place you want them to put your stuff. 

Examine your packed items for damages: As soon as your item boxes unloaded to your place check them properly for damages & make sure all of them delivered at your place. That’s why we always insist on making items checklist you can tally the items from checklist. In case or any missing or damaged items or furniture, you should contact your packer & mover company immediately to claim for the insurance. You may not get claim in case of delay complain.

Do not unpack everything in first day: Do not try to unpack every item in first day, create a checklist for all the rooms and areas you need to unpack and organize it based on priority. For example, set the kitchen on priority base, you need to cook sometime Unpack the only items which would need immediately –like, a cooker, frying pan, plates, mugs and a few utensils. The rest can remain in boxes, sorting out the kitchen sooner rather than later reduces the cost of takeout meals also. By following a checklist, you’ll ensure that everything gets unpacked in the best order possible so your life in your new place can run more smoothly.

Check the electronic appliance: Examine the working status of electronic items like Freeze, AC etc. In case of any damage you need to contact with your household shifting service in Delhi immediately for insurance claim compensation process.

Cleaning:  Make sure you do the deep cleaning to your new place. Even if it seemed clean or your landlord said they cleaned it before you moved in, it is still smart to clean it again yourself after unpacking of furniture and appliance. Just as it cleaned from top to bottom before moving in, you should clean the entire place even after you unpack.

Try to enjoy it: Do not try to do everything by yourself, moving is a major lifestyle change. After relocation, do not expect everything to fall in place immediately. Settling in new place takes time. And the only way to get through this is by taking things slow. Trying to set up your new house, fixing things at the new place, setting up utilities can be very time taking, tiring& confusing. Not knowing enough about the city, you have moved to can make it worse. And, trying to do everything by you will only bring Stress. So, try to make this journey joyful & adventures by exploring everything, by taking your own time, meet neighbors, make new friends take their help. Because half of problem is only created by our mind when we speak out, they will go. Explore the place & services will come to you.

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