How to interact with people in your new city?

India is country where people speak approach languages in 28 states and 8 union territories combined. So, diversity is not new to us but when we to move to some new city or especially state. Then life takes time to adjust there for example if you shifted from northern part of India to southern part of India than it will huge difference for any individual. Because in India each state has its own city, language, people, culture, customs, food habits and a lot more. So, you can easily relate the difference between north & south. But some time we must take decision of Home shifting with bike transport   because of job, business or personal reasons. But do not fell demotivated with this difference instead of it be motivated to explore this new city: see new venues, learn about their culture, taste their food etc. Maybe you fall for their different perspective & gel with them. So, there are few ideas for which help you meet new people in new city:

Meet your neighbours: In India neighbours became your family, so its start with your neighbours invite them at your home for housewarming pooja or party whatever suits you. They will be the great source of information about local area or city like utilities service, nearby market, park, and many more things which will be very helpful for you to in settle at your place. You never know one or two of them will be your very good friends in future.

Join yoga classes: This is one of the best ways to get social & done physically activity. Yoga class is very good for physical & mental health and it also give you the chance to meet group of people who have same interest as you which can make initiating a conversation that much easier, think about what else you could have in common. The next time you are at a yoga class, ask someone if they come to the classes often and if they would ever want to try a new class together or ask them what other classes they would recommend as you’re new in town.

Join dance classes: Any body can join dance classes there is no need to be professional for that. if you want to learn dance in your dream than make this dream to reality, this is one of the best ways to interact or meet new people. There can be group dance performance so it obvious for people to know each other. Your city surely has variety of dance classes like hip-hop, contemporary, classical, Latin etc you just need to choose whatever you like do.

Language Class: As we told you, in India people speak many languages. So, these classes can be very fruitful for you as you can local language to connect more with local people. As well as chances are some people in class may have from same region as you and this can be very strong reason for you connect with each other.

There are several other options available like: Visit local places like beach, museum, historic places, local market, attend festivals, join local online community, join office party or conferences etc.

It is fascinating that many places we never considered as an opportunity to meet new people who can be our friends and develop long-lasting relationships.

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