The ultimate guide for address change before shifting

Moving to new place is never an easy task. So, it better to be ready with plans instead of regret. Because we all know it can be very tiring process so it natural, if we forget about some vital things which will our headache in new city. When you make your moving checklist, it’s easy to remember things like buy boxes, schedule packers &movers and pack your belongings.But there is one item that we forget to mention in that long list of other tasks that need to get done: changing your address.

Changing address locations is as important as to pack everything and hiring the right movers.Make sure that all the relevant people, documents, and organizations are notified about your new change of address. There is no need to go on panic mode, because for your hassle-free stay.We haveprovided an extended list of people and organizations that need to be informed about your address change which are:

Government organisations: The government organisation which needed to inform are:

Postal Office: Inform postal office about your update new place address so you can receive all your mails & documents on time. It is easy process you just need to visit a postal office before 1 week of your moving date and request them to update your new home address.

Tax Agencies: You must inform bothstate tax agency and central revenue agency about the change of address, if you are come under the taxpayer eligibility.

Financial Institute: It is important to update your new address to your bank, credit/debit cards, & others:

Bank: Inform your bank about your new update as soon as possible to receive all the important communication on time. If you are using online banking, then you can update your new address by yourself through the Internet banking app login. But visit the bank if they require physical presence in case of any other change.

Credit/Debit cards: It’s important to update credit/debit cards also. In order to keep your expenses and billing on track it is important to update the credit card address correctly.

Other: If you’ve taken out loans, inform the relevant institution(s) about the date when you’ll make the move and give them your new address a week before.

Insurance: Updating your contact information with insurance companies in advance. It will help you keep your coverage up to date at your new location.

Utilities: Remember & take update about these utilities at your new place:

Gas Agencies: It is always good to inform your gas agency before 10 days for your moving date.

Electricity and Water: Update your service provider for disconnection for these utilities on the actual moving day and again reconnection at your new place before one day if they provide service at your new destination.

Schools: If you have child who goes to school than it very important to inform the school prior so the school can make required documents of your children which will be needed at their new school admission like; transfer certificate, character certificate, no dues etc.

Other important places where you need to update your address are Phone & internet connection, Online Shopping Websites, TV cable connection, etc. Do not forget to inform your close friends and relatives.

After that hire a good and reliable bike transport company which will make your relocation journey easy and safe in no time.

How to interact with people in your new city?

India is country where people speak approach languages in 28 states and 8 union territories combined. So, diversity is not new to us but when we to move to some new city or especially state. Then life takes time to adjust there for example if you shifted from northern part of India to southern part of India than it will huge difference for any individual. Because in India each state has its own city, language, people, culture, customs, food habits and a lot more. So, you can easily relate the difference between north & south. But some time we must take decision of Home shifting with bike transport   because of job, business or personal reasons. But do not fell demotivated with this difference instead of it be motivated to explore this new city: see new venues, learn about their culture, taste their food etc. Maybe you fall for their different perspective & gel with them. So, there are few ideas for which help you meet new people in new city:

Meet your neighbours: In India neighbours became your family, so its start with your neighbours invite them at your home for housewarming pooja or party whatever suits you. They will be the great source of information about local area or city like utilities service, nearby market, park, and many more things which will be very helpful for you to in settle at your place. You never know one or two of them will be your very good friends in future.

Join yoga classes: This is one of the best ways to get social & done physically activity. Yoga class is very good for physical & mental health and it also give you the chance to meet group of people who have same interest as you which can make initiating a conversation that much easier, think about what else you could have in common. The next time you are at a yoga class, ask someone if they come to the classes often and if they would ever want to try a new class together or ask them what other classes they would recommend as you’re new in town.

Join dance classes: Any body can join dance classes there is no need to be professional for that. if you want to learn dance in your dream than make this dream to reality, this is one of the best ways to interact or meet new people. There can be group dance performance so it obvious for people to know each other. Your city surely has variety of dance classes like hip-hop, contemporary, classical, Latin etc you just need to choose whatever you like do.

Language Class: As we told you, in India people speak many languages. So, these classes can be very fruitful for you as you can local language to connect more with local people. As well as chances are some people in class may have from same region as you and this can be very strong reason for you connect with each other.

There are several other options available like: Visit local places like beach, museum, historic places, local market, attend festivals, join local online community, join office party or conferences etc.

It is fascinating that many places we never considered as an opportunity to meet new people who can be our friends and develop long-lasting relationships.

Tips for settling in your new home after moving

I guess most excitement part of the moving would be the new home & adventure of decorating it if you are into it. Our new home will be our identity among new people. But this adventure can be headache if we do not make our move organized & systematic. So, there are few hand down tips which will complete your dream of new home adventure:

Present with movers during goods unloading: Do not leave everything on packers & mover people. Guide them properly about the place you want them to put your stuff. 

Examine your packed items for damages: As soon as your item boxes unloaded to your place check them properly for damages & make sure all of them delivered at your place. That’s why we always insist on making items checklist you can tally the items from checklist. In case or any missing or damaged items or furniture, you should contact your packer & mover company immediately to claim for the insurance. You may not get claim in case of delay complain.

Do not unpack everything in first day: Do not try to unpack every item in first day, create a checklist for all the rooms and areas you need to unpack and organize it based on priority. For example, set the kitchen on priority base, you need to cook sometime Unpack the only items which would need immediately –like, a cooker, frying pan, plates, mugs and a few utensils. The rest can remain in boxes, sorting out the kitchen sooner rather than later reduces the cost of takeout meals also. By following a checklist, you’ll ensure that everything gets unpacked in the best order possible so your life in your new place can run more smoothly.

Check the electronic appliance: Examine the working status of electronic items like Freeze, AC etc. In case of any damage you need to contact with your household shifting service in Delhi immediately for insurance claim compensation process.

Cleaning:  Make sure you do the deep cleaning to your new place. Even if it seemed clean or your landlord said they cleaned it before you moved in, it is still smart to clean it again yourself after unpacking of furniture and appliance. Just as it cleaned from top to bottom before moving in, you should clean the entire place even after you unpack.

Try to enjoy it: Do not try to do everything by yourself, moving is a major lifestyle change. After relocation, do not expect everything to fall in place immediately. Settling in new place takes time. And the only way to get through this is by taking things slow. Trying to set up your new house, fixing things at the new place, setting up utilities can be very time taking, tiring& confusing. Not knowing enough about the city, you have moved to can make it worse. And, trying to do everything by you will only bring Stress. So, try to make this journey joyful & adventures by exploring everything, by taking your own time, meet neighbors, make new friends take their help. Because half of problem is only created by our mind when we speak out, they will go. Explore the place & services will come to you.

How to get accurate packing moving rates

Moving decision brings various emotional & physical aspect with it like excitement of new place, new job and fear of leaving friends and family. Apart from it there would be extra expenditure. So, here some people adopt DIY option which very good option if you have small or less household goods but if you have truck lot full stuff than you need to thing again. Because shifting can be very tiring & time take process. For example, lifting any heavy object can give you injuries especially backache etc. So be practical and take decision with rationale mind. An experienced Home shifting Service in Delhi provider not only save your money but also rescue you from injuries & provide safety to household goods from any damages. As we all know movers & packers market have countless options, but we need to recognize which one is fair one which one is fraud.

Here we are mentioning few points which help you to get accurate packing moving rates:

Make a check list of the items: Before hiring any expert do some work yourself which help in reduce extra charges. Make list of items which your taking with you in your new place. It is an advice that let go of all the stuff which is only stored in your old place unused for years. Like old unfit clothes, bedding, broken items etc. you can donate that stuff to some who really needed it. And, sale the appliance or gadgets which you are planning to replace with new ones.  Because this extra stuff will increase you packing & moving cost estimate.

Clear all the service charges: Do your homework on mover &packers’ companies before speaking them because every company provide different typesof services according to that their charges fluctuate. So, at your meeting or call be specific or accurate about services you are looking for example: Packing and unpacking services, Long-term and short-term storage, shared or separate transport, Furniture disassembly andassembly etc. Also be specific about any extra service you are looking for Like: lifting furniture because of narrow staircase or lift not available. There are so many major or minor details we forget to mention which increase our moving cost estimate.

Check hired Movers & Packers company: Be sensible in selecting movers & packers’ company. Survey at least two three companies through online reviews, services, ask for quotation, past client reference or registration documents etc. you can get the reference of these companies from your friends & colleagues who used same services in past. It is very important to find trustworthy company for the safety of goods as well as your pocket.

Insurance Option:Many companies provide insurance service in package. So, clear this point before taking any final decision. Insurance may increase the cost but in long distance destination it is advisable to take insurance for the safety of your goods.  There are two types of insurance – transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance. They are available at different prices. The cost of insurance will depend upon the commercial value of goods.Transit insurance may be charged at 1.5% and all-inclusive insurance at 3%. It is recommended that you must clear it with your packer &mover company that what amount you will have to pay for different insurance option. Different companies may charge you different prices for insurance options.

How to Conquer the Fear of Moving Your Car and bike from Gurgaon to Another City?

Moving to the new place is like the mixed feeling of the roller coaster. On one hand we are excited to see new place & meeting with different people. On the other hand, anxiety of leaving love ones and the comfort of old place.

Along with packing of different household items we need to arrange our car shifting also. Because own car with new place can be your best pal, who guide you as well as learn along with you about new roads. So, it is very important to transport our car safely & securely to another city.

Moving your car from Gurgaon to another city is possible with the help of the best packers&movers’ company which also provide services of car or bike transportation. So, it will save your time of research or investigation about different companies for household & transport.

It is obvious to not trust any one with our car but driving to a new location, which is far-off from the current one, is a tedious and annoying task, especially if it must be done to cover a long distance& new routes.

There are few pointers below which help you to overcome the fear of moving car from Gurgaon to another city:

Choose the reliable company: The best way to locate the first-class Bike Transport Service in Gurgaon is to test your local listings.There are online sites also where you can find quotes from different companies. But be aware just because someone offering cheap deal doesn’t mean best deal. So, check all the aspects of deal & services thoroughly. Packers and Movers efficiently handle the transportation of your vehicles. However, these companies don’t drive your vehicle to your new destination, instead, they use a multi-car carrying truck and load your car onto it and deliver it to the desired location. Before selecting an auto mover, it is important to do a little research to see what kind of experience they have and what level of vehicle protection they can guarantee.

We know that the expenses are rocketing up for positive gadgets in the modern-day era of digitalization and innovation. Additionally, there are numerous people in Gurgaon who’re earning the simplest hand-to-mouth. In such situations, the concern of now not being capable of setting up enough money for the services of vehicle/bike delivery in Gurgaon will become quite tough. With parallel to this, money is the unavoidable issue of the moving system. But, if our research work on these companies will be perfect than there are many affordable & reliable options also available in this market.

Insured your car: A car insurance coverage will offer you the whole amount for the repair of your car if it got broken at some stage in transport. Many people think that it’s miles an additional cost, however, such humans frequently grow to be paying the fee of upkeep a good deal higher than the coverage value. For that reason, insurance should be handled as a non-negotiable part of the total fee of the automobile transport procedure. Additionally, check your modern vehicle insurance coverage if it covers long-distance transport. In case you assume that it is going to be waste to buy for automobile insurance coverage, you’ll be completely liable for the damage and defects in the course of vehicle transportation.

Ready your car for transport:  Before call a Car transport service in Gurgaon provider, wash your car entirely. Because dirt & dust can hide scratches and damages on the car long with it check the undercarriage of your vehicle for any would be better to inspect your car for any leak and get it repaired prior to the moving day. 

So, it will maintain transparency between both parties. As both can see the actual status of car prior the transportation.

Check fuel level& tire pressure: Check that your fuel-tank is at the minimum level – below a quarter full – for safety& check your tires because over-inflated or under-inflated tires can be risky. If you are not going to do so, the risk of damage to the tire might increase. Most likely, tire damage is to occur during loading and unloading, but if the tires are properly inflated, there won’t be any problem

Detach the additional car accessories: If you installed special extra custom-made accessories in your car remove it prior transportation. Remove all items from your vehicle including your car registration documents and any valuables prior.

Lock the car properly: To lessen the chance of theft all through automobile transportation, lock it up. As soon as your vehicle is loaded onto for transportation, there may be no one want it to be unfolded until it is delivered. The locked car will keep the whole lot stored inner it secure.Keep a duplicate set of keys for your vehicle on hand at all stages of your move: this is not something you want to leave behind.

Best and Useful Shifting Tips for Household in Delhi

Home is made of memories which are always staying with us.

So, when we plan to shift one place to another, we are just not worrying about new surrounding but also uncomfortable to leave our comfortable surroundings.

At that moment we want to store each memory in our bag weather it is our pictures or crockery collection or comfy couch or our gifted items just because these objects remind me our good times. And we are in process to make other house into home with all these objects and happy time memories.

At that contradictory time when we are facing different emotions, we need to clear our head and plan out our new life, shifting process with clear mind which will create beautiful and amazing memories with perfect packing & moving journey.

Below is some points or tips which will make your new journey smooth & satisfactory:

  • Best Packers: Now first thing we need to do is look out for best Home shifting Service in Delhi company who can move our stuff or goods in same condition as they are packed not broken or damaged&then make sure to compare rates and profiles of a couple of service providers before choosing.
  • Check credential:  Check for establishment license, service tax registration, PAN card, current account, physical address of the service provider and everything else worth checking.
  • Fix the shifting date:Once the shifting day will set you can plan everything accordingly.
  • Checklist of shifting items: Create the list of each item which you are shifting
  • Remove unnecessary items: Get rid of the items which clutter your place.
  • Make list of every items: Make list of every item so you will know what needed shifting what need to donate.
  • Sort things by category: Sort things by category like glass items, pictures, crockery, clothes etc.
  • Label the boxes: Label each items box kitchen box include draw grocery like pulses, utensils, categories, toiletries box etc.
  • Clean the items: Clean everything before packers and movers in Delhi will made smooth settling at new place.
  • Take picture of items: Possibly take picture of the major items before packing so that in case there is any damage or scratch, you can prove that the goods were not damaged already.
  • Dry electronic items:Dry your refrigerator and washing machines before moving because moisture could cause damage to electronic goods.
  • Disassemble larger furniture: Items like double bed or dining tables that can be disassembled to pack and handle them easily.
  • Shared transport: if you are moving your goods in a shared truck, make sure to keep in touch with the mover and ask them about the locations of your goods because it may take extra time to move using shared truck.
  • Unloading the goods: While unloading your goods, make sure to unload and stack all the boxes properly.
  • Avoidable items: Avoid storing hazardous or toxic items without informing the storage company. Don’t store food items that attract pests or ants in storage facility.
  • Insurance Details:Make sure to get your goods insured while it’s in storage. Also check insurance details with the storage company.

Get best packers and movers in Delhi at best price.

It is intriguing to take note of that the objectives of an individual and moving association are interrelated at the hour of movement. Each individual needs to effectively execute the moving occasion and each expert association needs to convey the best administrations to its clients. To guarantee this, each moving hopeful needs to get right value gauges though every moving association wishes to give right gauges to its clients. Here, now of time, the job and significance of a Pre-move overview can’t be subverted. In this way, numerous expert moving associations center around leading a pre-moving review to give exact value evaluations to its clients. Is it true that you are before long relocating from Pune with the assistance of Home Shifting Service in delhi and needs to gain the advantages of the moving study? In the event that indeed, we should peruse on to get insights regarding what pre-moving study is and how it is directed by a moving association.

We as a whole concur that movement is the most alarming period of a person’s life. Along these lines, each moving competitor needs to have a precise gauge of expenses and each moving association additionally needs to give true gauges to its clients. Along these lines, pre-move review is led to satisfy the double interests of clients just as moving associations

The way toward leading a pre-moving study is incredibly simple. On the off chance that you are leaving from Pune with the assistance of packers and movers close to me, requesting a pre-moving study to your moving association is very significant. The vast majority of the expert movers and packers these days follow the act of directing a preceding the moving study

The concerned moving experts will fix a specific time and date over the call for leading an earlier moving study. At the pre-chosen date, the experts of the trucking organization visit your home to get the necessary subtleties.

This sort of study is directed by a trucking organization delegate. On a predefined date, the experts of the organization visit your home and take a record of every one of your assets that you wish to bring with you during movement.

With the headway in innovation, the pattern of leading virtual overviews is expanding. Virtual overviews can be done effectively with the assistance of cell phones, tablets, or in any event, utilizing work stations. The sole motivation behind leading a pre-moving overview is to give simplicity to the clients. Along these lines, these studies can be led whenever of the day in any event, sitting at remote spots.

At present, the pre-moving overview is additionally directed by utilizing different applications implied for leading these studies. For downloading these applications, you can visit Google Play store and satisfy your craving.

Get best home shifting service from ConnectPackers

Moving the family unit and office things has become extremely regular these days the same number of individuals are moving to new areas much of the time. Whatever might be the purpose behind the moving, one thing is basically sire that moving the merchandise with no harm is a highest need of the greater part of the clients. It is very right that the vehicle specialist co-ops in India investigate every possibility to move the fundamental things. In any case, you might be likewise shocked to realize that they additionally take an extraordinary consideration to move the insignificant things likewise and offer skillful costs, which makes the assignment of moving the products extremely simple.

A large portion of the individuals have the propensity for keeping the fishes in the aquarium as pets. The Bike Transport Service give ostensible street transportation charges in India and ensure that the glass aquariums are moved effectively with no harm to the fishes. While moving, the organizations take enough consideration to set the correct temperature of the aquarium to secure the fishes.

Many individuals plant sweethearts during movement, need that an outrageous consideration must be attempted to move the plants. The moving organization note down the temperature subtleties on which the pots must be kept from the customers. This empowers them to move the plants in an issue free way.

The greater part of the book lovers have a huge assortment of a portion of the noticeable books that can’t be found somewhere else. At the point when the time approaches closer for migration and moving of the shelf, at that point the individuals want that the racks must be moved in a blunder free way with the goal that their books don’t get lost or harmed. The products transportation charges in India to move the shelf doesn’t consumes a gap into your pocket and convey books in a problem free way. In addition, in the event that various pieces of the racks can be dismantled, at that point it makes the errand of moving the books significantly simpler.

Subsequently, the Home Shifting Service in Mumbai They loan an expert hand to move the things quickly and harm free. Note that the moving help you enlist must be notable in their field. For this specific reason, you should make it a point to invest a satisfactory measure of energy towards the examination procedure with the goal that you can locate a magnificent products transporter for the smooth transportation of the things.

Tips For Hiring Efficient Car Packers Movers In Pune

Finding a reliable moving company is not an easy task, especially when you are planning to shift your precious vehicle as well. Pune is the one of the major cities in India, where people from people from various corner of the country come and go. A large number of people keep flocking and leaving the city, here you will find a high density of people shifting to their place, from one apartment to another, one part of the city to another and so on and so forth. 

But, the problem arises when you have to shift your car as well. Taking all your car from one corner of the city to another or even to a different city can be very tiring and hectic. Also, When you are shifting you have plenty of things going all ready in your mind related to your households and others. So, in such time, driving your car all the way to a new place is not safe. Therefore, it is best to take the help of a professional here.

How to hire a professional moving company in Pune?

Well, you will find n numbers of companies who provide Car Transport Service in Pune, but not all the of them are as efficient as they claim to be. Now, choosing the reliable packers and movers company can be really difficult, especially when this is the first time you are hiring a professional who provide moving service.  You certainly don’t want to choose the company who are completely inefficient and who lacks the proper infrastructure needed for car moving.

Now, to help you with that, we have prepared a list of useful tips and suggestions that can help you find a reliable company who can move your car safely and on time. So, let us get started.

Useful tips to hire a reliable and efficient Car Packers Movers In Pune

  • Research the market thoroughly

Whether you are in a hurry or not, the first thing that you need is to do complete research on the market both online and offline. You have to find a reliable company who offers best quality Car Shifting service In Pune and for this, proper research is necessary. Read the online reviews of the company whom you are planning to hire and if they haven’t don’t have any positive feedback from their past customers, then just go with the other options.

  • Go with the enclosed carrier service

Keep in mind that is to take security factor in your priority when hiring a moving company. Going with the company that offers enclosed carrier services where your car will be safely kept inside the carrier. This is far times better than the open carrier service where the chances of damage to your property are higher.

  • Keep 2-3 companies in option

After searching the online and offline market, finalize 2-3 companies that you find most trustworthy and efficient. Now, check the estimation or quotation of the companies that you have shortlisted. Go with the company that offer the best price and without sacrificing the quality.

  • Safety matters the most

While choosing the company, make sure that you take aspects like safety and punctuality into consideration. Make sure that the company that you are about to hire has a proven track record of utmost safety and that doesn’t show any negligence when it comes to security. Also, ask whether the company will provide any compensation or not if your precious car gets any kind of damage.

Wrapping up, so these were the useful tips that can help you find the best Car Packers Movers In Pune provided that you follow them carefully. You have to be ensure that the company you are about to hire is trustworthy and also offers quality services.


Hello! Are you the one who is planning to shift in the area like Gurgaon? If yes, then you can loosen up your tie and take a seat back. These days, performing every task has become hectic not because the situation is tricky but it is difficult for us to some out in order to give it a proper attention. The noticeable factor in the current scenario is that; the uncertainty is countable in every case or the task you have to perform.

Well, if you are finding yourself in the same situation and on the top of it you have huge pending task of moving to another area is remaining. You must take a sigh of relief because the assistance of Connect Packers in Gurgaon are ready with its professional team to make your task done with ease and that too at affordable prices. you must be amazed to know that you can release your stress from your shoulder to home shifting service in Gurgaon. But with this enthusiastic information don’t you think that you must do some research and development on the given company.

If you are on the same track,then let just read about the rules that you must keep in mind before hiring the best packers and movers in Gurgaon:

Rule no 1. Look for references

When it comes to shifting process, it is an advice that do not just search blindly, you must look for references from friends and family first. This thing can help you to look for the best packers and mover in Gurgaon.

Rule No.2 Use Online Platform

It can help you to save your time and not only that you do not have to rush for the best service. Everything will be at your place working in favour of your convenience.

Rule No.3 Do Not Settle within First Go

While searching online, you must keep one thing in mind that you have to search for the best service until it matches your need.

Rule no. 4 Stop When You Are Convinced

The moment you have received the deal at your convincing price then you must lock the requirement there only.

Rule no. 5 Get An Idea On Quotes

It is very important to analyse which company quotes (prices) are suitable for you. For example, household shifting service in Gurgaon charges at affordable price.

Rule no. 6 Servicing Tenure

It can be very pertinent to ensure about the experience of a company so that you can share portion of trust.

Rule no. 7Registered

You must check the authenticity of the company before enrolling your request to them. Hence, a prior step can help you from future discrepancy.

Rule no. 8Team

The heart of any shifting service providers, you must ensure how the team execute its task. It can help you to be confident while your goods must be travelling.

Rule no.9Tools

You must keep one thing in mind that the packers and movers should use their own material in order to avoid any damage to it.

Rule no.10Insurance

You be cautious about the deal that if it suffers any damage then how will they compensate. If not, then you must look for the insurance of your goods while shifting.

Lastly, with the help of these guidelines, you can hire the best service providers to packing and moving service in Gurgaon.

Happy shifting!