How to get accurate packing moving rates

Moving decision brings various emotional & physical aspect with it like excitement of new place, new job and fear of leaving friends and family. Apart from it there would be extra expenditure. So, here some people adopt DIY option which very good option if you have small or less household goods but if you have truck lot full stuff than you need to thing again. Because shifting can be very tiring & time take process. For example, lifting any heavy object can give you injuries especially backache etc. So be practical and take decision with rationale mind. An experienced Home shifting Service in Delhi provider not only save your money but also rescue you from injuries & provide safety to household goods from any damages. As we all know movers & packers market have countless options, but we need to recognize which one is fair one which one is fraud.

Here we are mentioning few points which help you to get accurate packing moving rates:

Make a check list of the items: Before hiring any expert do some work yourself which help in reduce extra charges. Make list of items which your taking with you in your new place. It is an advice that let go of all the stuff which is only stored in your old place unused for years. Like old unfit clothes, bedding, broken items etc. you can donate that stuff to some who really needed it. And, sale the appliance or gadgets which you are planning to replace with new ones.  Because this extra stuff will increase you packing & moving cost estimate.

Clear all the service charges: Do your homework on mover &packers’ companies before speaking them because every company provide different typesof services according to that their charges fluctuate. So, at your meeting or call be specific or accurate about services you are looking for example: Packing and unpacking services, Long-term and short-term storage, shared or separate transport, Furniture disassembly andassembly etc. Also be specific about any extra service you are looking for Like: lifting furniture because of narrow staircase or lift not available. There are so many major or minor details we forget to mention which increase our moving cost estimate.

Check hired Movers & Packers company: Be sensible in selecting movers & packers’ company. Survey at least two three companies through online reviews, services, ask for quotation, past client reference or registration documents etc. you can get the reference of these companies from your friends & colleagues who used same services in past. It is very important to find trustworthy company for the safety of goods as well as your pocket.

Insurance Option:Many companies provide insurance service in package. So, clear this point before taking any final decision. Insurance may increase the cost but in long distance destination it is advisable to take insurance for the safety of your goods.  There are two types of insurance – transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance. They are available at different prices. The cost of insurance will depend upon the commercial value of goods.Transit insurance may be charged at 1.5% and all-inclusive insurance at 3%. It is recommended that you must clear it with your packer &mover company that what amount you will have to pay for different insurance option. Different companies may charge you different prices for insurance options.

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